Welcome to Nothing Forgotten

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, you may be realizing there are so many “things” to sort through. Nothing Forgotten understands and will bring you peace of mind during this time.

While you may be dealing with different emotions, your Nothing Forgotten Specialist provides the support and guidance needed to securely and confidentially handle the belongings left behind after your loved one passes.

A Nothing Forgotten Specialist:

  • Works with you to sort through and organize your loved one’s belongings
  • Assists you to locate any valuable items that you may be looking for
  • Guides you toward making “appropriate decisions” for the items left behind
  • Does the physical work it takes to gently disolve your loved ones home

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I've been working with Laura and the Nothing Forgotten team on my late...

If you are in New York City, the outer boroughs or the Chicago metropolitan area and have experienced a loss:
Call: 877-470-4687