The Nothing Forgotten Story

Anthony and Laura 1989

I'm sitting in the plane on the runway, about to take off from Hawaii and head back to Chicago. My family and I have just come together from all over the country to grieve, say our final goodbyes and bury my 33 year old brother, Anthony. I'm still reeling from his unexpected and tragic loss, but as I look out the window as the plane takes off and I see Hawaii getting smaller and smaller in the distance, all I can think about is my brother's girlfriend Lisa. My family and I will all return to our respective homes after the funeral, but Lisa is left by herself to deal with all of his belongings on her own. She is left to make all the difficult decisions about what to do with his book collections, his clothes, his memorabilia, and even his pets.

I remember sitting on that plane, thinking of Lisa struggling with all the details while still trying to cope with the loss of Anthony herself. It was heartbreaking. In that moment, I decided that no one should ever be left to go through that process alone. Out of the tragic loss of my brother and witnessing how alone Lisa was in her time of need, the vision for Nothing Forgotten was born.

Nothing Forgotten is a Bereavement Care Service that respectfully and carefully facilitates the dissolution, relocation, donation, storage and other appropriate management of the treasured belongings of loved ones who have passed on. This service was originally created in 2001 as an extension of my already established professional organizing company, B Organized, Inc. In 2011, on the 10 year anniversary of Anthony's passing, Nothing Forgotten was officially founded in his memory. Nothing Forgotten is the 1st Bereavement Care Service of it's kind currently serving New York City, the outer Burroughs and the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Laura Olivares
President and Founder of
Nothing Forgotten

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