Questions You May be Afraid to Ask

When should you call?
It is never too early or too late to call. Whether you are just beginning the process, or have been trying to tackle it for years, Nothing Forgotten can help. Call to speak with a Nothing Forgotten Specialist about your situation:
What belongings does Nothing Forgotten handle?
Personal belongings your loved one used in their everyday life and stored memorabilia including, but not limited to: documents, clothes, food, medications, toiletries, sports gear, household items, jewelry, furniture, art work and collectibles.
How do you know what to dispose of and what to save?
Equipped with years of training and experience, your Nothing Forgotten Specialist will guide you through the emotional obstacles and decision process.
Will the Nothing Forgotten Specialist talk to other family members about the service so they are at ease with it?
Yes, your Nothing Forgotten Specialist knows that this process can often involve other decision makers. It is encouraged to get everyone on the same page before the process starts.
What if you want to do this on your own?
Be aware of your everyday activities being put on hold, and your feeling of being overwhelmed and even depressed. It is advisable to involve a 3rd party, removed of emotion to support you during this time.
Can Nothing Forgotten help a loved one who is going to an assisted living center or nursing home?
Yes, Often times as individuals prepare to downsize, they need support managing their belongings. This allows them to be involved in some of the decision making process and eliminate the burden on other family members in the future.
If you have a question not answered on this page, please contact Nothing Forgotten directly.

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