The Process

A Nothing Forgotten specialist will discuss your unique circumstances to determine what steps in the process will work best for you.

Sort through each room of the house. This is when your Nothing Forgotten Specialist can guide you on what to keep, pass along, donate or sell.

Inventory each category of belongings to ensure future comfort when your questions may arise; "Where is...?" or "What did we do with ...?" You will be left with a full inventory list including photographs and locations of every valuable item.

Organize, pack, and ship items for donation, sale, storage or other family members' homes.

Schedule pick-ups for donations and items to be sold.

Oversee movers taking items to storage or family members' homes.

Manage (any contractor work) to be completed to prepare a home for sale or rental.

Interface with

- Other Family Members

- Estate Planners / Attorneys

- Real Estate Brokers / Contractors

- Donation Facilities

Don't make hasty regrettable decisions, miss important deadlines or let these next steps overtake your life. But most importantly, whenever you choose to move forward, don't do it alone.
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