"After losing my Mom when I was six, my Aunt was the last living connection to her and that side of the family, so it was important to me to handle things appropriately when she passed. My Aunt was a very particular woman, and I am sure that had she been given the opportunity to meet the Nothing Forgotten Team, she would have really liked them, and even approved of them being in her home.

I was sure there was nothing of real value left in her home, after I went through everything, but because of the Team's thoroughness, they were able to find the only copy of my Aunt's wedding album, that has photos of both my Aunt and my Mom as adults and my Grandparents. I never knew my Mom was my Aunt's Maid of honor.

Using Nothing Forgotten was just another way to honor my Aunt's life, because they are someone you can trust, and a company with integrity. I would definitely recommend Nothing Forgotten to anyone who has lost a loved one, because nothing really good gets done on your own."


Ben L.
Queens, New York

"I've been working with Laura and the Nothing Forgotten team on my late parent's home. Their professionalism and methods have been extraordinary. I can't imagine going through this experience without their assistance, humor and compassion. In many ways I have found working with them more therapeutic than traditional grief counseling.

I highly recommend working with the Nothing Forgotten team. You may at first be hesitant to have strangers in the space handling your loved one's personal belongings - I know I was - but the Nothing Forgotten team will quickly become trusted friends. And let's be honest, often times more will get accomplished if the baggage that comes with well-meaning family members and longtime friends is removed from the equation.

At every turn the client is in control of the pace and the decision-making process, but with the added benefit of being guided by experts with great energy and sound judgment. Hiring Nothing Forgotten is a good investment if you are looking for a trusted partner to help tackle your emotional challenge."


Sophie G.
LaGrange, Illinois

"Laura was able to come into my home and help with the organization and packing of my wife's clothes and accessories. Her consideration for our feelings and emotions, coupled with her ability to determine what items were appropriate to keep vs. give away, were helpful beyond my expectations. She was also able to effectively catalog, photograph, pack, value, and had everything picked up by a local charity."


Larry G.
Glencoe, Illinois

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